He couldn’t hide forever. First trailer for ‘Dexter: New Blood’

Showtime has released the first trailer for ‘Dexter: New Blood’, the return of America’s favorite serial killer. A new special season consisting of a total of 10 episodes that reunites Michael C. Hall with the scriptwriter and showrunner Clyde Phillips, the main creative person in charge of the second, third and fourth seasons of the original series.

This original series, consisting of a total of eight seasons, premiered in the fall of 2006 with the aforementioned Michael C. Hall in the role of Dexter Morgan, a peculiar expert in blood stains from the Miami police department who had as a second occupation be a serial killer.

This first preview of ‘Dexter: New Blood’, which in the words of Phillips himself “is not the 9th season of the series, but the opportunity to write a second ending for the series”, shows us its protagonist living discreetly under the name of Jim Lindsay. Everything seems to have adjusted to a normal life and that he is a respected member of society, but he himself admits that from time to time that need to indulge his instinct … murderous reappears.

Jennifer Carpenter and John Lithgow will also reappear in this special season as Clancy Brown (‘Billions’, ‘Emergence’) play the “villain” of the show.

A function that has as executive producers Clyde Phillips, John Goldwyn, Sara Colleton, Michael C. Hall, Bill Carraro, Scott Reynolds and Marcos Siega, who also direct six of its ten episodes, the first of which will premiere at dawn on the 7th. to November 8, with regard to Spain from the hand of Movistar +.

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