He confesses! Travis Scott and how he feels about Kylie Jenner

He confesses!  Travis Scott and his feelings for Kylie Jenner (AFP)

He confesses! Travis Scott and how he feels about Kylie Jenner | .

So far perhaps one of the most controversial couples during its three stages, courtship, pregnancy and separation Travis scott revealed how he feels about Kylie Jenner now that they are apart.

Since they began their relationship, their family, friends and especially their fans were shocked, despite this the young couple at that time enjoyed their company and the love they had for each other a lot.

When they announced their pregnancy Kylie jenner She was already a few months old so it was inevitable to postpone the inevitable until this point, apparently everything went on quite well, at the time Stormi was born, who became a celebrity thanks to her parents who were delighted with the little girl was at that time in which perhaps a wake-up call for the beautiful businesswoman began.

If you are a fan of the program “keeping up with the kardashians” you will surely know a little about the life and growth of Kyie Jenner and also part of the couple’s courtship, it is said that the younger sister of the Kardashian Jenner clan wanted to become a mother since very early young, start a family and live in harmony just like his sister Kim Kardashian has done next to Kanye West.

However, perhaps these plans supposedly did not apply to Travis scott who felt quite good having only Kylie Jenner as a girlfriend, because he did not want to get married so young according to statements from various portals, this perhaps unleashed the displeasure on the part of the businesswoman who decided to separate from him and raise Stormi alone, fortunately she has the economic ease of doing so.

Of course Travis scott As a father he has not failed, he adores his daughter and by mutual agreement with Kylie Jenner they decided to get along precisely because of their daughter, that is why we have seen them together on some occasions living together quite normal, however the rapper decided to share what it was that in reality I felt for the owner of Kylie Cosmetics.

According to an interview with XXL Magazine that was made to the rap star, he excitedly shared that having Stormi as a daughter is the best thing that could happen to her, especially because of knowing her and considering her as her best friend, in terms of her Mom admitted loving her today and always, however it was a bit complicated when other people outside of their relationship intervened.

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During the last weeks we have seen the former couple together, share photo sessions for well-known clothing brands and others, although it is said that Kyie jenner She considers Travis Scott to be a very good friend, perhaps the words the rapper revealed will surprise her a bit the moment she hears them.

It is believed that possibly both the businesswoman and queen of Instagram will surprise us when she shares the “news” that she returned with the father of her daughter, for her followers it would be something really amazing because they have always gotten along quite well and form a very beautiful Couple despite being a bit different, Kylie’s personality is a bit more laid-back and calm than Travis.

Kylie Jenner has quickly become one of the richest entrepreneurs in the United States, Kylie Cosmetics is increasingly popular, recently launched a new line inspired by the Grinch the renowned Disney character who hates Christmas but ends up worshiping it .

For the young 23-year-old businesswoman launching new lines of eyeshadow palettes is something extremely simple, she also recently dedicated an entire makeup line in honor of her sister Kendall Jenner because of her birthday.

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