The friendship between Ferre and Fani Carbajo has ended. After the contestant got tired of the alleged lies of his reality partner, he revealed that The Madrid woman wanted to marry Christofer Guzmán to sell her wedding on a cover and then do the same with separation. This has caused the relationship between the participants of ‘The island of temptations’ to begin to question.

Cristina and Ferre in ‘The Strong House’

But Fani is not willing to let herself be defeated and if she has to die, she will do it by killing. On the night of July 12, while Ferre commented on the couple’s relationship in ‘La casa fuerte’, she dropped a big bomb: « Have you been unfaithful to your girlfriend Cristina with that of Barcelona?The former ‘Super Shore’ participant laughed at denying that information, asking him what he was doing making it up.

Fani was not willing to shut up, so she revealed what her source was: « Let her remember what she told me in ‘Survivors’, » said the contestant. « To remember what we talked about in ‘Survivors’ that he had also had bad times with his girlfriend and that you can understand me at a given time when you can make a mistake or an infidelity because you don’t know what you feel« 

Taste for television

Before this crossing of accusations, Fani was fed up with the fact that she likes television. « We are here because we like TV and we like to earn money. Let’s stop the hypocrisy, the falsehood and the bullshit, otherwise we would be hereHe defended himself. Iván González agreed with part of his partner’s explanation, but went further: « There are people who do not have a limit, so Fani, who has just started and who has had a very large impact on the little route it takes, the subject has gotten out of hand And I told him from outside: ‘It seems that you care more about TV than your own life.’  »