He claimed to be Superman’s nephew, they called him a liar – Las Noticias de Chihuahua – Between lines

“Superman is my uncle”, that phrase was the one that a minor repeated to his classmates and teachers, who repeatedly called him a ‘liar’ and even bullied him, until Henry Cavill went to school.

Thomas, a 7-year-old boy, was the target of ridicule and criticism for his Superman outfit, in addition to constantly pointing out that he was the hero’s nephew. Up to a point the teachers decided to talk to him to explain that this was “impossible”.

The mother confessed that she even received a call from the school where they explained the apparent “lies” or fantasies that the minor told his classmates. However, she pointed out that none of this was a lie, the minor was telling the truth.

Seeing that both Thomas and his mother were being singled out, Henry Cavill himself went to the boy’s school to confirm to the children and teachers that the woman is his sister-in-law and the boy, his nephew.

Henry Cavill, 38, revealed the curious story on the Kelly and Ryan Show a few seasons ago, but the story went viral after the image became known.

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