He brutally attacks an old man in a laundry and assures that it was to make him “a joke”

Some days ago, London police released a video on social media showing the brutal attack of a 78-year-old man while he was working in his laundry.

In the pictures you can see clearly the old man doing some chores when suddenly, a young man enters the premises and without further ado, approaches it, rips his shirt and pushes him violently against the washing machines.

The senior man falls steeply and the attacker fled the site. Minutes later, the aggressor returns, kneels before the old man and tells him that “it was all a joke” and to accept the equivalent of $ 22 dollars as compensation for the damage he caused him.

The old man had to be taken by ambulance to a hospital, where doctors discovered that he had 4 fractured ribs, so he had to stay in hospital for a week to recover.

Now, the authorities are looking for this “funny” to stop him and hold him accountable for what he did.