He asked for money on the streets, they offered him a job and his answer has surprised more than one

One of the great social ills that Mexico must deal with is the issue of unemployment, issue that has been exacerbated by the issue of the coronavirus pandemic.

According to what was published by the newspaper El Economista, unemployment in that country had a significant rebound in early 2021; about 4.5% of its population does not have a job, which has forced many to take to the streets to ask for money to try to survive themselves and their families.

But sadly, among those people who do live a real need, there are also many others who take advantage of others to earn a few pesos at the expense of others.

About the topic, Recently, a video recorded by a motorist driving down an avenue in the state of Coahuila, who is approached by a man who, apparently, lives on the streets, went viral to ask for alms.

The driver of the car tells the man that he has a job that might interest him to earn a little money, clearing a field; however, he rejected her for an unusual reason.

“No… what happens that I can’t, carnal. I keep asking myself, that’s my thing, chambear (as it is colloquially said to work) does not please me ” responds the man who is asking for money in the streets.

Someone shared this video on social networks, which has generated many positions on the subject.

Some have criticized the person who recorded the video to upload it to the Internet, since it is unknown in what physical or mental condition the man who asks on the street is, while others have called him “cheeky” for rejecting the job and wanting that money reaches you free and effortless.

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