“He always made a profit and remained a victim”

Rocío Carrasco has dismounted in episode 4 issued this Sunday of her Rocío docuserie, tell the truth to keep alive the supposed media manipulation by Antonio David Flores after she asks for a divorce.

In that episode, which narrates the events that occurred between June 1999 and February 2000, Rocío Jurado’s daughter has revealed how from that moment, her ex-partner began to build a story about it in magazines and shows of the heart. “It didn’t matter what you did, I was always going to make a profit and be a victim,” he lamented.

“That summer, he gets in cahoots with a paparazzi, Pablo González, known as El Calvo, “Carrasco said. Between the two of them they agreed to take pictures of him” with each person of the opposite sex who approaches me “to sell them to the press. saying that she had been unfaithful. “Pablo took 30% and he 70% of what they took out of the material with reference to me,” he explained.

At one point, a work trip by Rocío Carrasco to Galicia coincided with a weekend in which Antonio David Flores had taken the children to Chipiona. “I had to go to Galicia to work with the real estate agency. There is a presentation and then there is a party. That week, some photographs are published with me partying and he alone with the children on the beach. That summer begins the media thrashing, “Carrasco recalled.

When the summer ends and they return to Madrid, Rocío Carrasco decides to speak with her parents and those of Antonio David to communicate your decision to divorce. “She makes me go to Malaga alone to tell her family,” she said.

The news of the separation caught Rocío Jurado and Pedro Carrasco “by surprise.” Antonio David, who was there present, “Started to cry and say: ‘You see? He doesn’t love me! He’s bored with me, he doesn’t love me! ‘ My mother, at first, felt sorry for him, was sorry to see him like this and softened. “

The response from Antonio David’s family was not as desired, according to Rocío Jurado’s daughter. “I told him that he had been unfaithful, that I had seen him, and his mother he started yelling at me and to tell me almost the same thing he had said at my mother’s house. One of his sisters had a stronger reaction it wasn’t just verbal. I stopped her in her tracks and gave her a review and it was there, “says Rocío Carrasco.

Another of the supposed montages that Carrasco has uncovered refers to an episode that occurred at Rocío Jurado’s house in La Moraleja, where she lived. After spending the afternoon with some friends watching a movie until two in the morning, she goes to sleep, but “they tell her that someone is at home with me.”

It was then that he traveled with his brothers-in-law from Malaga to Madrid to catch her in the alleged infidelity. “Come home and starts yelling ‘where is he?’ And there a fact occurs: I go down the stairs, I am on the second step, and there was a statue that was a replica of my mother’s monument in Chipiona. At that time he he pushes me and I hit the statue and broke one of the statue’s fingers. “

“I did not understand anything, he returned with his brothers-in-law to Malaga. I wanted a photograph of that boy leaving my house, “said Rocío Carrasco.

After Carrasco left his mother’s house and went to live in an apartment in Encinar de los Reyes, near La Moraleja, Antonio David decided stay living in Rocío Jurado’s house, “and during that time makes coexistence horrible and tremendous“.

Regarding her mother’s attitude, Rocío Carrasco recalled that she “was not going to do anything publicly” because “I feared him like the devil“.

I didn’t want a scandal and he was not able to take the suitcases and put it on the street, “Carrasco assured. For this reason, he decided ask for it by letter, “but he’s not leaving.”

In that writing, the singer reiterated to Antonio David Flores that she and José Ortega Cano would pass a long time abroad and that they would give a vacation to the service, so the house would be empty.

There was another of the supposed media montages of Antonio David, according to Rocío Carrasco: “Knowing that my mother is no longer here, take a photographer and a notary and he goes to the door of La Moraleja and begins to ring the bell and say that Rocío Jurado did not open the door for him. “After this event, the press not only brought a desolate Antonio David Flores to the doors of Rocío’s house Jury, but also some photographs were published in which appears with her daughter, Rocío Flores, which at that time was not in the place.