The San Sebastián International Film Festival is preparing to receive in its next edition two of the most anticipated Spanish series this year. On the one hand, ‘Patria’, one of the first series on HBO Spain, will be released; and on the other hand will come ‘Antidisturbios’, by Movistar +, and both will be screened in full. Both projects will be part of the Official Section of the festival.


The special screening of ‘Patria’ will feature the eight episodes of the series created by Aitor Gabilondo for HBO Europe from the successful novel by Fernando Aramburu, which addresses the history of the Basque Country for three decades through the eyes of two families divided by violence. It has been directed by Félix Viscarret and Óscar Pedraza. Miguel Salvat, Steve Matthews and Antony Root are the executive producers of the series by HBO Europe.

The third premiere of Sorogoyen

‘Antidisturbios’, the series created by Rodrigo Sorogoyen and Isabel Peña and directed by Sorogoyen himself, will have its world premiere at the prestigious event, which will be held from September 18 to 26, 2020. It will be the third time that the director presents his work within the framework of the SSIFF, a festival that has always been characterized by betting on creation, regardless of the way in which it is expressed, and that in 2016 it already rewarded the work of the creators (Isabel Peña and Rodrigo Sorogoyen) with the Silver Shell for Best Screenplay for  » May God forgive us. « 

‘Antidisturbios’ is an original Movistar + production in collaboration with The Lab and Caballo Films. It stars Vicky Luengo, Raúl Arévalo, Álex García, Hovik Keuchkerian, Roberto Álamo, Raúl Prieto and Patrick Criado. ‘Riot gear’ is a contemporary story that combines vibrant action with the construction of the human portrait of its protagonists, a group of riot police and the Internal Affairs agent who investigates them.

‘Riot gear’

The San Sebastián International Film Festival is shaping up to be the perfect setting for the world premiere of ‘Riot Gear’. In the words of its creators, Rodrigo Sorogoyen and Isabel Peña: « We are happy to return to Donosti. It is a benchmark festival for us always and it is an honor to participate in the Official Selection along with so many names that we admire. We hope that our series lives up to the festival, especially in a year as relevant to cinema as this is. « 

What ‘riot gear’ means for the festival

For the festival director, José Luis Rebordinos « ‘Riot gear’ is one of the series that has impressed me the most in recent years. Above all, for its staging, the script and the work of the actors. When you see it on the big screen you completely forget that it is intended for release on a platform. Some of his sequences are for me some of the most impressive and best moments of Spanish cinema in recent times. «