It was last May that Warnermedia He launched HBO Max, your streaming service with which you will seek to compete with Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney + and Apple TV +.

However, although various promotions were launched, an interesting marketing strategy to boost the platform, everything indicates that it has not had the expected success.

Goodbye to a brand

This is motivating WarnerMedia to make adjustments so that HBO Max can grow, although that means having to eliminate a brand that at the time served to bring its television service to the digital world.

This is because a few weeks after the launch of the streaming platform, HBO announced that it would be canceling its Go service. And, according to a recent report, that will take effect from July 31.

In this way, the HBO Go application will stop working from Friday, this in order to “Simplify customer options in app stores and on platforms”, a company spokesperson explained to Gizmodo. Recall that this app was the option that subscribers to the closed TV channel bar could download to view content from other devices.

In addition to this, it is expected that HBO Now, have a rebranding to change your name and only be called HBO. In this case, it was an alternative app for those who did not want the subscription to pay television but who did want to have access to the series and movies of the chain.

Many brands with similar names

Certainly having so many options with a similar name made it easier for consumers to remember the name of the new streaming service from Home Box OfficeHowever, it did not necessarily contribute to generating a good user experience for all its subscribers.

Let’s see, HBO has more than 142 million subscribers globally for your pay TV channels but had around 8 million customers (as of February 2019), according to data from BTIG and, although there are no official data on Go, the reality is that it is not a very popular alternative for consumers.

Furthermore, the fact that an attempt was made to stimulate subscribers to HBO Max by launching promotions through the Manzana, from your website or from alliances with Roku and Fire TV, all that was accomplished was to make the process of accessing the service even more confusing.

The challenge for the company is to simplify this further, that is, there should only be HBO -for TV services- and HBO Max for digital platforms. Although this would imply that more channels be added or that their television program bar be reformed, it is likely a lower cost than having confused consumers who, although delivered on the platform, choose not to purchase the service.