HBO is preparing to shoot a miniseries about the search for the coronavirus vaccine. The network will be based on the book « The First Shot », still unpublished, which is being written by the American journalist Brendan Borrell, as reported by the . agency.

A researcher from the Oxford Vaccine Group

Adam McKay, director of « The Vice of Power » and « Ant-Man », among other films, will be in charge of directing this story about the arduous vaccine research. « The First Shot » is a nonfiction book of which details are still unknown. However, the simple idea has seduced those responsible for content from the American giant.

« I am writing a nonfiction book about global race for the coronavirus vaccine, the companies that risk everything to win it, the fascinating and sometimes surprising science on which it is based, and the challenges surrounding access and security, « says Brendan Borrell as a brief preview.

More projects with HBO

It is not the first time that Adam McKay has signed a project with HBO. The director has on the table a series about the Los Angeles Lakers in the 80s, another on Jeffrey Epstein and an adaptation to the American series format of the South Korean film « Parasites ». McKay won the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay for « The Big Bet » in 2015.