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The Netflix platform was recently listed as the company that is most worth its shares, but now arrives HBO for dethrone him, because users begin to prefer his series and movies.

In the last several weeks platforms have added in great quantity new subscribers, because with the cinemas, restaurants, tourist places that are closed, this is one of the only distractions.

A clear example is Netflix, who has reached his 50 million subscribers and HBO that increasingly adds more and more.

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The platform search It has grown enormously, close to a 200%, As reported by the web Justwatch, who is in charge of cataloging the series and films by services.

It is worth mentioning that HBO has some awesome series, which are responsible for the fact that more users want to pay a subscription.

This is very noticeable after the arrival of some new series such as The conspiracy against America, Westworld, Devs and The visitor.

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This is a miniseries of drama American, which was released on March 5 where it transports the viewer to the most philosophical side of science fiction.

It tells the story of a computer engineer who makes the decision to investigate the secrets of her company’s development department after suspecting that she is responsible for the disappearance of her boyfriend.

The miniseries only features 8 episodes with a duration of approximately 50 minutes.

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The visitor

It is also an American miniseries of supernatural drama and terror based on the novel of the same name by the successful writer Stephen King released on January 12 of this year.

The story follows a straightforward investigation into the gruesome murder of a boy led by an experienced police officer and unorthodox investigator to question everything they believe to be real, as an insidious supernatural force makes its way in the case.

The horror series features 10 episodes each lasting approximately one hour.

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It is a series of Science fiction and suspense created by Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy that was based on the eponymous 1973 film.

This place is one of six theme parks what is found possessed and operated by Delos Inc., which allows visitors to experience the Old West in an environment populated by androids programmed to satisfy every visitor’s desire.

This series features three seasons with a total of 26 episodes which have a duration of between 50 and 90 minutes.

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The conspiracy against America

It is a miniseries of historical drama and alternative history Created by David Simon and Ed Burns, based on the eponymous novel by writer Philip Roth.

It tells the story in which through the eyes of a working-class Jewish family the political rise of Airman Charles Lindbergh is shown, who wins the 1940 presidential election with the promise of maintaining American neutrality in the Second World War.

This miniseries features 5 episodes each lasting approximately one hour.

Other great series found on the platform are The Sopranos, The Wire, Game of Thrones and Sex and the City.