HBO Max would seek to adapt DC Comics titles outside the US.

The streaming platform HBO Max (so far only available in the United States) plans to land in Latin America and Europe in 2021, and in order to win the international market, it will turn to the valuable materials of DC Comics. According to a recent report, the server owned by Warner Media is already contemplating generating original content outside the US based on the aforementioned universe of comics.

Paraphrasing Casey bloys, head of programming at HBO Max, Deadline reported this week that the platform “I was exploring what DC Comics-related content could be made outside the United States, based on its catalog of genre titles”.

As the medium points out, the HBO brand has previously produced foreign series such as Wasteland (Czech Republic) and La Vida Secreta de las Parejas (Brazil); even in Mexico titles such as Sr. Ávila and Capadocia have seen the light. However, adapting DC Comics narratives in Europe, Asia and Latin America will be a complete first in the repertoire of originals of Home Box Office, Inc.

In that sense, it becomes a possibility for HBO Max to promote animated or live-action projects where, from superheroes and canonical villains of the cartoons, versions appear coupled to the context of a specific region or culture. Warner Bros. Animation followed similar lines when in 2012 it released the series of short films The Batman of Shanghai, which featured a Bat Man immersed in a world full of Asian iconography.

About the future insertion of HBO Max in the international market, Bloys stated the following (during a virtual conference of Web Summit 2020):

“We are going to work to see DC content in other countries outside the US. […] One of the things that we are going to do with Max is that all of our international productions will eventually live in Max and we will do a better job of coordinating between all the people who program in Europe, Latin America and Asia, so if there is something that we are developing that has a real cross-border appeal, we can highlight it. ‘

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