HBO Max would have hired BIPOC Constantine for a new series

A new Constantine series is reportedly on the horizon for HBO Max, and the show could see a BIPOC performer take on the role of Hellblazer.

According to The Illumnerdi, HBO Max is partnering with JJ Abrams’ studio Bad Robot Productions on a Constantine television series. This incarnation of the character will have a dark tone with a strong emphasis on horror rather than religious elements. In particular, the series is looking for a BIPOC actor like Riz Ahmed for the role of John Constantine.

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Abrams is currently working on an HBO Max series based on Justice League Dark, a team that frequently employs Constantine in its ranks. However, it is unclear if this new Constantine series would be related to that production.

John Constantine has been a staple of the DC Universe for decades, while his most prolific incarnation in live action came with a 2005 film starring Keanu Reeves. The project took liberties with the source material, but it turned out to be a decent box office hit, grossing $ 230.88 million worldwide and has garnered a cult following in the years since its release.

Constantine also previously headlined a series on NBC. Although it only ran for 13 episodes, Matt Ryan, the actor in charge of portraying this version of Constantine, has reprized the role as a series regular on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.