HBO Max prepares series of Madame Xanadu, character of DC Comics

Image of Madame Xanadu in the DC comics

Director JJ Abrams’ bond with Warner Bros. that will give rise to the series and movies related to the Justice League Dark for HBO Max is expanded with another new series. This time we go to one series starring Madame Xanadu, perhaps not an especially well-known DC Comics character for the general public but with a great connection to the world of magic and the world of mystical arts.

As part of that exclusive Bad Robot agreement with Warner Bros., the development of a television series about Madame Xanadu is being carried out, which has Angela Robinson bonded as writer and showrunner. Variety reports that the writer of “DEBS” and “Professor Marston and Wonder Woman” will be the main responsible. Robinson will executive produce the series alongside JJ Abrams and Ben Stephenson, and Rachel Rusch Rich will serve as co-executive producer.

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The series is described as a one hour episode drama, evidently still undated since it doesn’t even have a green lightIn other words, right now the proposal for the series is being worked on and the platform must decide whether or not to carry it forward.

In the cartoons, Madame Xanadu, born with the name Nimue Inwudu, is an immortal sorceress and fortune teller who helps the wizarding community from her magic shop. Xanadu’s origins date back to the fall of Atlantis. Some survivors of the fall of the ancient great kingdom branched out and evolved into a race of humans with magical abilities called Homo magi.

Xanadu and his sisters Morgaine le Fey and Vivienne are descendants of these individuals. Xanadu and his sisters began in the time of Camelot, where they remained until his fall. Camelot is home to another important member of the Dark Justice League, Etrigan the Demon. Jason Blood and the demon Etrigan, who were previously two distinct entities, merged into one at the fall of Camelot by the wizard Merlin and were united forever. After the fall of Camelot, Xanadu and Etrigan began to travel together, as a prophecy predicted that if he did not find some way to heal, he would end up killing Xanadu, a woman he had grown to love.

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Reviewing the series that are currently on the way for HBO Max we would have: Peacemaker, Gotham Central, Green Lantern Corps, Justice League Dark, John Constantine, Strange Adventures, SuperHero High and DMZ.

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