HBO Max orders more series for children to win streaming war

According to WarnerMedia, HBO Max already has more than three thousand hours of children’s content available on its streaming platform

As of August 2020, despite the Disney + debut, Netflix and YouTube are still the most popular video destinations for kids

Likewise, it is estimated that the majority of households are only interested in having two VoD subscription services contracted at the same time

Perhaps adult consumers are the ones who are spending, but it is clear that the companies of the streaming war are trying to win the preference of children. According to The Verge, HBO Max, the streaming platform of WarnerMedia (and by extension, AT&T) has just ordered a large number of children’s shows for its catalog. The idea is also to position Cartoon Network as the leading brand in the company for this sector.

HBO Max’s plans were detailed in a WarnerMedia statement. According to the company, it is expected to produce more than 300 hours of original content, including specials and acquisitions, aimed at audiences ages six to 11. The idea is for the series to debut both on the Video-On-Demand (VoD) streaming site and on Cartoon Network broadcasts on TV. They will also use the phrase “Redraw Your World” as the slogan for the project.

Among the projects that HBO Max and Cartoon Network announced for streaming and traditional channels, is a series of specials from the Ben 10 franchise. The fourth season of Infinity Train, the third season of Victor and Valentino, and more will also be produced. contents of the reality show Total Drama Island. In new projects, a The Amazing World of Gumball movie and a Teen Titans Go! Spinoff series are being planned.

The conquest of children’s content in streaming

It’s no wonder HBO Max is trying to increase its catalog of content for the whole family. Just a few days ago, according to CNBC, Disney recently reached the 94 million subscription milestone. A figure that the house of the mouse did not initially expect to reach until after 2024. It should be said that, even with the popularity of Star Wars and Marvel, its streaming has gained wide acceptance thanks to Pixar and its animated classics.

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Likewise, there are several agents who point out the importance of children’s audiences for the success of streaming platforms. According to NScreenMedia, the youngest are among the segments of the public that are reducing their TV consumption the fastest. At the same time, they are also avid consumers of online video, both in ad-supported options and on premium platforms. So there is a huge growth opportunity for HBO Max.

But more than a customer acquisition strategy, it seems that adding children’s content would be just one more tool to ensure that subscribers do not leave. According to Digiday, agents like ViacomCBS are betting big on their youth billboard in the streaming industry to increase customer retention. This is because they hope that their bookstore will convince families to keep their subscription in a more competitive environment.

HBO Max makes progress in building its audience

These kinds of initiatives could help the WarnerMedia platform find its voice in a market heavily dominated by Disney and Netflix. Other initiatives that it has had recently also show that it is slowly consolidating its position for the future. For example, the mythical Snyder Cut has become one of the most discussed cultural phenomena in recent months, which could win HBO Max several subscribers.

To this must be added that the WarnerMedia platform has also seen the value of leaving the United States (US) quickly and into other markets as soon as possible. The streaming site has already announced that it would reach Latin America in the second half of 2021. Although it is already behind other rivals in this initiative, it is a good sign that it understands the reality of VoD. In other words, that the possibilities for expansion are in emerging markets.