HBO Max develop ‘The Final Girl Support Group’ TV series with Charlize Theron

According to Deadline, HBO Max has begun developing a television series adaptation of the recent Grady Hendrix horror novel, ‘The Final Girl Support Group’, a project that will have the Oscar-winning Charlize Theron and the director Andy Muschietti as executive producers. Muschietti will also direct the pilot episode, although it is unclear if Theron will star in the project.

Described as a fast-paced, terrifying, and wickedly humorous thriller that tells a new take on the genre, ‘The Final Girl Support Group’ focuses on a Los Angeles-based support group for six female survivors of different mass murder cases. , whose experiences inspired the slasher franchises that saturated horror cinema in the 1980s and 1990s with films like ‘Friday the 13th’, ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’ or ‘The Texas Chainsaw Massacre’.

“Lynnette Tarkington is the last girl in real life to survive a massacre. For more than a decade, she has been meeting with five other girls and their therapist in a support group for those who survived the unthinkable, working to rebuild their lives. lives “, reads the official synopsis of the book. “Then a woman misses a meeting and her worst fears come true: someone knows the group and is determined to destroy their lives again, piece by piece. But the thing about girls is that no matter how bad the odds are. How dark the night, how sharp the knife, they will never ever give up. “

The series will be an HBO Max production and will be executive produced by Theron, AJ Dix, Beth Kono and Andrew Haas through Denver & Delilah Films along with Double Dream’s Irene Yeung, Barbara Muschietti and Andy Muschietti, author Grady Hendrix and Adam Goldworm. from Aperture Entertainment.

It must be said that the series was originally going to be developed last year by Annapurna Pictures with Elizabeth Craft and Sarah Fain as screenwriters, but for some reason, the project ended up canceled.

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