HBO is now available in Latin America – .

Since it was announced that the AT&T conglomerate, Warner Media’s dream, had planned to make a streaming platform for its intellectual properties, expectations were high. HBO Max, which was the name that this site received, first arrived in the United States in 2020, the country where it debuted. And just over a year later, it finally arrives in Latin America on June 29. We are going to tell you everything you need to know about the service.

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For several weeks, through a presentation on its social networks, HBO Max revealed that today would be its launch date. The announcement was accompanied by the many data on plans, costs and catalog that it would have upon arrival. The surprise was the affordable cost. On the one hand, with two plans, a mobile one for tablets and phones for 99 pesos per month, and a standard one for all kinds of screens, access to three devices simultaneously, and the configuration of up to five profiles for $ 149 MXN.

From the entertainment supply side, with AT & T’s media empire catalog you can expect much more than just Warner Bros. and HBO. Although the key franchises of that studio and television network will be there. Take, for example, the DCU superhero saga or the acclaimed Game of Thrones – 93%. Likewise, the channels of that conglomerate will offer their contents as Friends, for example, or the fifth season of Rick and Morty – 100%.

The arrival of HBO Max is extremely competitive. In Mexico, as seems to be the case in many parts of the world, streaming has become a favorite option of the public, even more so with the pandemic. In our country, there are already numerous services such as Netflix, Prime Video and, the most recent, Disney Plus. However, the great library of titles from Warner Media, added to the numerous shows on HBO, make this new platform very seductive.

Beyond the licenses they have, it should be remembered that the platform will also have original productions. In such luck, we can expect next year some original shows like Peacemaker, spin-off of The Suicide Squad, the series Green lantern and many more. On the other hand, there will also be shows made in different Latin American countries, there are a couple that have already been announced as Mexican productions, for example. This only strengthens your catalog.

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In the case of people who already had HBO GO, the platform of that television network, with their account data they can enter the new site and enjoy everything it will have to offer at launch. Likewise, it is important to remember that in the case of our region, the 2021 premieres will not arrive on the same day, as in the United States, but will join the catalog 35 days after their theatrical release date.

With all this, it is not surprising that the launch of HBO Max has become an event, a platform to which you can sign up as of today and which has special discounts on plans for 3 and 12 months. By clicking here you can review the prices in detail and by country. Will they hire it, will they leave another to have this new service, do they like the mobile or standard plan? We read them in the comments.

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