HBO Films Cancels ‘The Days of Abandonment’ Following Natalie Portman’s Departure

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Oscar winner Natalie Portman (‘Black Swan’) has decided to leave her role as the lead and executive producer of the film adaptation of‘The Days of Abandonment’(The days of abandonment), a 2002 novel by Italian author Elena Ferrante that received unanimous acclaim from critics and the public.

After the departure of the actress due to “unforeseen personal reasons”, HBO Films has decided not to go ahead with the project that was scheduled to begin filming imminently in Sydney, Australia.

“Due to unforeseen personal reasons, Natalie Portman withdrew from HBO Films’ The Days of Abandonment prior to the start of filming. Unfortunately, production will not move forward,” HBO representatives said in a statement. “We are so sorry that we cannot bring this beautiful story to the screen with our talented writer, director and cast. We send our sincere thanks to our cast, producers and crew for all their passion and hard work.”

The canceled adaptation was to be written and directed by Maggie Betts, herself an executive producer. Maven Screen Media, the company that previously worked on Betts’ feature film directorial debut ‘Novitiate’, was to produce the film, with Sophia Mas of MountainA, Celine Rattray and Trudie Styler of Maven Screen Media, Len Amato of Crash & Salvage, Domenico Fandango’s Procacci and Maria Zuckerman serving as executive producers.

One quiet afternoon, while the table is cleared after lunch and the children play in the next room, Mario announces to Olga that he is leaving her. Thus, suddenly, without any explanation, without saying where he is going or saying goodbye to his children, Mario leaves with a humiliating silence that is deeply painful for Olga, ending almost twenty years of marriage. Suddenly, haunted by the ghosts of her childhood, Olga sees how the stage in which her life takes place collapses. In her forced loneliness, in a busy and empty Turn because of the holidays, she can barely assume the daily responsibilities, until, finally, one fateful day in which reason threatens to leave her, everything explodes and her world becomes one. frightful nightmare from which he thinks he cannot wake up. Olga’s descent into the depths of her inner hell is narrated with a pulse as intense as it is firm, without hesitation, with a voice devoid of sentimentality and false modesty.

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