In this quarantine, many artists have used the time to do a lot of things. The vast majority have been raffled off with online concerts, although some prefer to spend their days at home composing new songs or covering some of the classics that we all love. Speaking specifically of the latter case, Hayley Williams paints herself and boy, has she left us with a square eye.

Since a few days, Paramore’s frontwoman decided to put together her own covers of major artists, although for all this she asked for the help of her fans to help her choose which songs she would play. Throughout these last weeks We have seen her sing songs by SZA, Tegan and Sara and even Björk herself, but now the fence is blown because a great cover of Radiohead was thrown.


Hayley Williams at a show in 2018 / Photo: .


Hayley Williams decided to close with a flourish by covering a shifty

And to finish his series of covers, Hayley Williams wanted to play one of the most melancholic songs of the career of Thom Torke and company, and that we are that more than one has made the cry listening to her, “Fake Plastic Trees”. Yes, as they read it, With just an acoustic guitar and the power of her voice, the singer showed us a super intimate version of this song.

Although he has plenty of experience and a huge career, at first we can hear her very nervous. Of course we understand it, because covering a song of this size will never be easy – especially because of the haters who suddenly appear on social networks. However, in the end he manages to show us an intimate and sincere version, that maybe to many it will give them the sweet skin because it feels as if Hayley is singing in your ear.

Hayley Williams in a radio interview / Photo: .

And to all this … why did you decide to play a Radiohead song?

Inside the Instagram post where he shared his cover, Hayley Williamso commented on the reasons why she put together her version of this song. To get started, said this had been the most requested song since her fans started pumping her with a bunch of proposals, and later mentioned that he thought it was sacrilege to sing it (he even hesitated to publish it), but he realized the importance and beauty of this song.

Also, the singer admitted that at some point she believed she was better than Thom Yorke and coa, but later he listened to the band and completely forgot about that thought: “For a while I pretended to be above Radiohead (yes, I know) but good things always find you and welcome you. So, in admiration of one of the best bands of all time – and in humility to all those who did not ask for this, here is my version ”.

But we better not tell them more, listen below to Hayley Williams singing “Fake Plastic Trees”, one of the true classics on Radiohead’s discography: