In these moments when live concerts as well as festivals around the world are stopped by the situation we are experiencing due to the coronavirus, music is helping us to get out of this and not go crazy trying. That is why many artists have decided to launch some songs while everything returns to normal and Fortunately, our dear Hayley Williams has decided to give us a joy these days.

As you will remember Paramore’s frontgirl announced a few months ago that she would release Petals For Amor, her first solo album, something that undoubtedly excited his fans because it has been a good time since he released music with his band. However and to the surprise of many, in this new facet in her career the singer experiments with different sounds and rhythms, resulting up to now and thanks to the singles an album quite interesting to listen to.

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By the way, Have you already checked the great interview we did? We had a chance to talk with Hayley about these songs, their way of singing and of course, the Mexican fans.

“The Paramore story is one of my favorite stories”: An interview with Hayley Williams

Continuing with the promotion of this album and taking advantage of these days from home, Hayley Williams has decided to release one more track before the official launch from the album and it doesn’t sound bad at all. The name of this song is “Over Yet”, a totally different topic from what he had shown us, because based on a frenetic bass as well as some synths and drum machines, it feels like a punk song to dance to like if tomorrow does not exist.

The lyrics are perfect to motivate us in these days of isolation, because Hayley invites us to have resistance, persistence and that at the end of the road there will always be a light of hope for us. As if this were not enough, he also released a video which was directed by Williams herself alongside Lindsey Byrnes –Who had already worked with Paramore a few years ago.

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In this video clip we have a much more personal vision of the singer, well there are shots of her at home as well as in studio sessions and recording her new album, as if Through all these images she will show us in just a few minutes the process that led her to start her solo career, not to be missed if you are a fan of red bone.

Petals For Amor, Hayley Williams’ solo album will be available on May 8, but while that day comes, leave for now what you are doing and brighten your day Checking below the video of “Over Yet”, his new song: