Classifying the top 5 songs of one of your favorite bands is not an easy task. Maybe number one and his rival you love alike are easy to pick, but once the obvious favorites get on the list, a ton of songs spring up that could easily be on Olympus. Now this same exercise was done by Hayley Williams, who has revealed her Paramore top 5.

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His fans are really happy with the release of his solo album Petals for Armor, and they have sent him all their love through social networks – in these times there is no other way to do it. But in addition to sending love, They also sent him the difficult exercise of choosing his favorite Paramore songs. Fortunately, Hayley raffled off and made her little list.

Williams revealed her choices after a fan noticed that she had liked a tweet asking Paramore fans to reveal their favorites. “Hayley, you can’t like this (tweet) and then not share your top five Paramore songs, you’re number 1 to share @yelyahwilliams, ”he wrote.

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With that great argument, Hayley had no choice but to enlist. The first place was taken by “Told You So”, taken from After Laughter from 2017, and was followed by three other tracks from that album: “Hard Times”, “Pool” and “Rose-Colored Boy”. Fifth place went to “I Caught Myself (Live)”, which the band recorded for the Twilight soundtrack in 2008.

Seeing that there was not much variety and revealing at the same time which is his favorite album, Another fan asked him to choose his top 5 songs that did not appear on After Laughter. Maybe one or the other wanted to see yes or yes to “Ain’t it Fun” in a list. Fortunately things went well for him.

There Hayley did not break her head either and went for all of her self-titled 2013 album. “Future (Live)”, “Crazy Girls”, “Fast In My Car”, “Last Hope” and “Ain’t It Fun”. “Basically the last two Paramore records are the best. Without discussion ”, ended the tweet.

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