My Hero One’s Justice 2 came to our hybrid on March 13 and data on future characters that are about to arrive in the fighting game available for Nintendo Switch is already being known. In this case it is Hawks (Keigo Takami), the current hero No. 2 of the ranking of heroes in the well-known saga Boku no Hero (My hero academia) that will land in the game My Hero One’s Justice 2 soon.

And there are rumors that this spring the well-known character of the mythical series would join the campus of the game with 10 color variations. The character itself has a fight mode in which uses his wings to attack and defend, in the series (BELOW POSSIBLE SPOILER) also uses its feathers for it, of which it has total control to be able to attack and defend itself, being able to use them as projectiles if necessary. The rumor indicates that the price estimate of this DLC would be a price of about 400 yen approximately (about € 3.41) or the possibility of obtaining said character with more content in the new season pass that is being forged for a price that would amount to 1800 yen ( some € 15.36).

In addition to this information, the arrival of several events for the game as the event of the Birthday Party (where you can get more rewards) and the event Greater chaos (in which using a certain villain we must complete certain achievements). Both events will be available from April 3, 2020 until next April 5 2020, when the event will end. So now you know, if you have this game take advantage of the event to get the new rewards and become the new symbol of justice that will replace All Might, and as we always say, draw your strength, use your gifts and your courage and finish with the villains to the cry of Plus Ultra!

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