Hawaii is looking for employees who want to live on the island for a month

Hawaii is looking for 50 remote workers who want to change their environment and move to the island for a month to enjoy its natural beauties and learn new skills with local people.

Through the Movers & Shakas program, the Pacific State is looking for 50 candidates and employees who want to “balance their lives” between work and pleasure with tourist activities such as hiking, surfing or diving after their corresponding work hours.

Participants selected should be responsible for arranging their accommodations in one of the resorts, hotels, home or vacation rentals of Oahu, Hawaii.

Also, they must volunteer at one of their non-profit organizations that match their skills.

Instead, the program offers a roundtrip flight completely free; discounts on accommodation, restaurants, attractions and other basic needs that arise during your stay.

They will also have access to networking opportunities with local business professionals and other program participants.

According to a statement issued by Jason Higa, CEO of FCH Enterprises, leader of the relocation program, the program is designed to help tourism and economy of Hawaii affected by the growing coronavirus pandemic.

It was launched through a partnership with the state government, business leaders, alumni associations at local schools and universities, as well as banking organizations and restaurant companies.

“Now that many people have the option of working remotely, there is an opportunity for former local residents to return home and for out-of-state individuals and families to live and work in Hawaii for a longer time.” said.

“Working from Hawaii can provide much-needed respite from the isolation and exhaustion caused by remote work. With the lowest per capita rate of Covid infections in the country, and a host of social distancing activities and dining experiences, Hawaii is ideal for those looking for a safe place to work and play, ”he added.

The experience lasts one month and is open to applicants and employees Over 18 who can travel during December and currently live in the United States.

Registrations are available until December 15 on the Movers & Shakas website.

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