“Having a Digital Workspace generates a great return on investment”

What are the features that differentiate Digital Workspaces from traditional intranets?

Before answering this question, we must know the reason for the need for this change. We all know that the world of work and business has been undergoing major transformations and that work has become an increasingly dynamic activity. Intranets play a fundamental role in this change and have become the heart of organizations, these being the main point of attention since they need to adapt to these ever-changing needs.

Intranets, as we have come to know about them, do not cover current needs, neither of organizations nor of employees, and that is why Digital Workspaces have emerged, digital workspaces designed by and for employees who seek to enhance their capabilities, facilitate collaboration, communication and daily decision making, improving competitive capacity, increasing productivity, innovation and fostering talent and its retention within the organization.

The Digital Workspaces go even further by allowing the integration of all the processes of an organization with the latest generation digital tools, so that the employee can perform their work functions in an agile, efficient and above all, motivated way, which is very important.

What would be the business needs that cover the implementation of a Digital Workspace?

These new platforms are designed to adapt to the different scenarios of organizations, which are very flexible and adaptive, covering the main current change needs, among which we can highlight the following:

New generations of employees: Employees connected and accustomed to interacting with digital tools and services in their day-to-day life and who expect efficiency and user experience also in their work environment.

The need to work productively through automation since it is essential to concentrate and dedicate the efforts of employees to true contributions of value, leaving the tasks that can be automated to technology.

Technology has to work for the employee and not the other way around: The employee demands that resources work for him and that they are at his full disposal through innovative services and functionalities, which become a decisive competitive advantage for organizations that they implant them.

Omnichannel and ubiquity: The need to work from anywhere today is imperative.

The need arises to connect talent to grow more competitively. Nowadays, the connection of the talent of the organization is more important than individuality.

And last but not least we have the new organizational and cultural changes of the companies in which the employee is placed as a central element. Therefore, the need arises to constantly search for formulas to empathize with the employee, know their daily activity and thus be able to respond to their needs.

How has the current situation we live with the pandemic affected the increase in Digital Workspace in organizations?

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Digital Workspaces have become more important than ever. The arrival of the pandemic has had a great impact on companies, which in many cases have been forced to reorganize their work environments and carry out a complete digital transformation.

A Gartner report states that, after Covid-19, 74% of companies plan to permanently establish teleworking for a large part of their employees. Therefore, companies must attract and retain ‘new digital employees’.

This increases the pressure in organizations to have a Digital Workspace solution imminently. Those providers that have solutions of this type will have a great competitive advantage.

At Izertis we have the perfect Digital Workspace solution, izertia, a product developed by Izertis and built on Liferay. This solution allows us to generate unique experiences for employees, covering all their day-to-day needs with useful, attractive and innovative functionalities.

How can Digital Workspace contribute to talent retention?

Organizations that invest in Digital Workspace to improve the digital experience of their employees and meet the needs they demand, make them more committed to the organization, more efficient and generate positive results at all levels.

Engagement and Reputation are the two main benefits that organizations can have. In the end, a company that cares about being more transparent and promoting participation and collaboration among all its employees, makes them more valued and motivated and therefore they receive a greater commitment from them. In addition, a company that is closer to its employees and supports them in their day-to-day lives, has a much greater appeal for them and, in the end, a satisfied employee is not only seen internally but is usually made known in a way It is also natural “outside the borders” of the company, thereby increasing and improving visibility in the market, helping to attract new talent and build a sense of community and corporate culture.

What are the sectors in which tools of these characteristics are having greater acceptance?

For any company it is very important to have a good internal communication solution and to have all the benefits and advantages that a Digital Workspace solution brings you. We can say that having a Digital Workspace solution is key in small, medium and large companies and this applies to any sector.

What is the scope of this type of space in economic terms? Or, in other words, how does the implementation of a Digital Workspace translate into revenue for companies?

Despite the fact that having an intranet involves an initial investment and often continued over time to adapt to new scenarios. Having a Digital Workspace generates a great return on investment due to the large number of benefits that these bring to organizations, being able to highlight, among them, the reduction of operating costs saving time and money, and the great increase in efficiency and organizational productivity.

In summary, we could say that all organizations, which invest in Digital Workspace to improve the digital experience of their employees and meet the needs they demand, achieve that they are more committed to the organization, that they are more efficient and generate positive results for all the levels.

From the employee’s point of view, what are the advantages that employees can benefit from in companies that have a Digital Workspace?

The most important needs expressed by employees and that are not covered in current intranets and that can be solved with Digital Workspaces are the following:

Simplify and streamline procedures that are carried out on a day-to-day basis.

Receive relevant and personalized communications

Search intelligently inside knowledge

Easily access support features and services.

Facilitate the location of managers and experts.

Have friendly digital spaces to connect and collaborate with other employees

Professional growth through access to internal vacancies

Accessible from anywhere and at any time.

Centralization of all corporate resources on the same platform

Have innovative functionalities such as a different user experience.

In the end, the Digital Workspaces are developed following the employee first philosophy. The final objective they pursue is to focus on the employee, not the company, and empathize with them, understanding and providing a solution to their activity and daily needs.

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