Haven is coming to Switch in February and celebrates with new material

To move to a planet without human presence with our beloved / beloved to be able to live together and free like the wind? Sounds as idyllic as it is dangerous, right? Well that’s the new proposal from the creators of Fury. And it is that new material has been released from Haven, a title we were already talking about in October, release date included!

And it is that The Game Bakers, an independent studio based in Montpellier responsible for works such as Furi, has been in charge of confirming (via press release), along with a new batch of details and images, that Haven will arrive at Nintendo switch the next February 4th. Just in time for Valentine’s Day! Undoubtedly, we find a game that will not leave anyone indifferent, the criticisms released on the platforms where it has already been published speak for themselves. And it is that it presents us with a unique mix of exploration (with local cooperative included), adventure, resource collection, spectacular battles in real time, science fiction, an environment of great beauty and an OST that takes your breath away. All this seasoned with the performance of various daily tasks with our beloved / beloved. At the foot of the paragraph we leave you with a new review of some of its characteristics, a small gallery of images located in Spanish and even its launch trailer.

Play as two characters at the same time as you explore a fragmented planet, defend yourself from enemies, or build your relationship. Glide across the grass, collect the flux, and clean up the rust as you explore this dream planet and discover secret areas. Fight as the two characters in real time or bet on its fun local cooperative mode, putting the rapport between both players to the test. Dive into a romantic space adventure, starring Yu and Kay, two lovers who try to stay together through thick and thin. Play a partner you can relate to in an intimate relationship, treated with maturity and humor. Enjoy its immediacy and accessibility, a break in a busy day, and a game that, in short, will make you smile and enjoy. The original soundtrack by electro musician DANGER enhances the emotional experience of the game.

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In the background… has the peculiar proposal that The Game Bakers brings us with Haven caught your attention? And, what is even more important … does love really conquer all? We await your comments and impressions, as always, on our Discord channel.

Source: Press Release