Although WhatsApp keeps a list of all the blocked contacts in options, the truth is that, silently, the company has updated the application to visually present the Block notifications within chats. As we can see in WAbetainfo, WhatsApp now includes a new option within the chats that includes a message so that we know if we have blocked / unblocked a particular contact.

Of course, you should not lose your cool, since these notifications will only be seen by us, and the other person, as usual with the application, will not know at any time that it has been blocked. This is a notification similar to security notices, which is placed in the chat and serves to keep a history, within each contact, of when it has been blocked or unblocked.

The recipient won’t know that you’ve blocked it (yes, he can understand using other ways, but this notice will appear at your side only if you block a contact).

– WABetaInfo (@WABetaInfo) March 24, 2020

It is not, as we see, a big change when using the application, but it is interesting when it comes to keeping a detailed record of when a contact has been blocked or unblocked. In another order of things, the same page reports that WhatsApp vacation mode, which allowed to mute and archive chats so that they do not appear on the list again, has been ruled out by the company and its development has been canceled, without transcended the motives.

The blocking history function is already available and will start to reach users little by little in the coming days, so if it has not yet appeared in your app, try to have the WhatsApp client updated to the latest version available in each of the respective application stores, although everything seems to indicate that it is a server-side function.

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