Maybe Metallica right now is not active rolling new tracks. But luckily we have a little bot that is doing it. Kirt Connor, a YouTuber, has given the world a “new” Metallica song with lyrics written entirely by a bot. Under its pseudonym Funk Turkey, today we have with us the new “Deliverance Rides”.


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As Connor explains in his YouTube description, the song was made by “Using to scrape the Genius lyrics database”. Then “I had a Markov Chain write Metallica lyrics. This is the end result: ‘Deliverance Rides’”.

To better understand your process, is a page that allows you to enter the name of any artist and will produce lyrics for a “new” song based on all the existing lyrics of that artist. On the other hand, a Markov chain is a model that describes a sequence of possible events in which the probability of each event depends only on the state reached in the previous event.

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With these tools it really is quite easy for anyone to generate a new lyrics from any of our favorite artists. However, recording it is another ticket entirely. That’s where Connor’s hand comes in, playing the instruments and handling the voice.

“All my music and voice performed is mixed and mastered by me, in my kitchen, with a couple of cheap guitars, a horrible microphone and an old copy of ProTools”Connor wrote on YouTube. “All the lyrics provided by the robots that want to rule us all (also known as”

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If we are going to be completely honest with you, Connor makes a pretty good impression of James Hetfield’s voice. As for music, we can not complain or a little. It perfectly captures the ambience of a Metallica song. “I tried to get a sound somewhere between the ‘Master of Puppets’ album and ‘The Black Album,'” Connor explained. “Lars’ drum sound is pretty hard to come by without spending a lot of money.”

Connor has been making these kinds of videos for a long time. Previously, AC / DC, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Nickleback songs have been released. But for now, we leave you the best so far:

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In other great news from Metallica You can check here also the latest release of its Metallica Mondays series, who sees them again in one of his most recent performances to date.

Browsing the archives of the latest edition of the concert series, the new video captures his performance at the stadium. Manchester Etihad on June 18 last year. That night it rained like few times, but that did not prevent Metallica from raffling off as it always does and playing there the odd oddity. Enjoy:

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