have Kindle Unlimited for 3 months for only € 9.99

Read non-stop for 3 months for less than 10 euros!

Thanks to Amazon you have the opportunity to read unlimited for 3 months. Kindle Unlimited, your reading service for e-books, comes with a special offer. You will have access to the best titles during 3 months for only 9.99 euros. The offer will only be available until the next may 31.

With Kindle Unlimited you can enjoy more than 1 million titles, hours and hours of reading in the palm of your hand. One of Amazon’s e-books is the best way to take advantage of it, although they are not the only ones. We bring you 3 devices to read with maximum comfort.

Best eBooks to squeeze Kindle Unlimited

Rakuten Kobo Clara HD – The Rakuten ebook features a 6 inch panel. You will enjoy 8 GB of storage to save your favorite works and weighing just 167 grams which makes it really comfortable. You can spend hours and hours reading.

Kindle: This handy device comes with a 6 inch screen. It is very light, you will have no problem holding it for hours while you read. In addition, to make your experience the best possible, you will have the possibility of adjust the light emitted by your panel. In any case, it has been designed not to harm your eyes.

Kindle Paperwhite: the Amazon book is thin and light, you can hold it for hours without it being a hassle. Your screen goes up to 6 inches and has a density of 300 pixels per inch. It has been manufactured so as not to emit any type of reflection and to show the text with great clarity. It also has waterproof.

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