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Has the end of Samsung’s Galaxy Note family come?

There are still several months to know about the possible renewal of the range Galaxy Note from Samsung, but, for the moment, no evidence has been found about the development of a new terminal that would give continuity to the Note 20.

According to Max Weinbach, there is no evidence of this range to date. On the other hand, there is data on the Galaxy S21 in all its variants, as we have been telling you in recent weeks.

Since 2011, Samsung has opted for this line of terminals that originally stood out for their big screen –5.3 inches initially and 6.9 inches in the latest Ultra model– and a flagship accessory, the S-Pen. In the beginning they were classified as phablets due to the size of the screen, close in size to that of a tablet. Now, practically any model reaches a similar size, leaving the digital pen as the only differential aspect.

In these ten years, the range has achieved a good volume of sales in practically any territory in which Samsung put this model on sale. But, due to the great competition and the similarities between the new models of the brand, it is possible that Samsung will close its book in 2021.

The Samsung terminals expected in the short and medium term

Max Weinbach is one of those social media figures who often get inside information. As we can read in his Twitter account, the Samsung terminals that will soon see the light are the following:

Galaxy S21 FE
Galaxy S21
Galaxy S21 +
Galaxy S21 Ultra
Galaxy Z Fold 3
Galaxy Z Flip 3
Galaxy Z Fold FE

As we can see, there is no evidence of the new Galaxy Note 21, which would be the natural and organic nomenclature for the new Korean series. Generally, at this point the first details about the renovation of the same usually emerge, but, for now, there is no trace of it. This could be a symptom of the more than rumored termination of the Note family, which has been on the table several times.

The reasons – if the move takes place – could explain the adoption of the S-Pen by the Galaxy S21 Ultra. The new model, yes, would not have a housing for the S-Pen as it does in the Note.

About the Galaxy S21 we are gradually learning new details. The latest information speaks of a launch advanced to January 2021, unlike previous years. This model is expected to incorporate the company’s most powerful processor, have up to four cameras in the Ultra version and, of course, offer 5G connectivity.