New rumors are circulating about the actors of Grey’s Anatomy. Has Katherine Heigl fallen for Patrick Dempsey? We tell you everything!

As the filming of the new season of Grey’s Anatomy has resumed, new rumors are circulating about the actors from the hit series. And they concern the beautiful Katherine Heigl!

Would Katherine Heigl fallen for Patrick Dempsey ? At MCE TV, we tell you everything.

It turns out that Katherine Heigl, who plays the role of Izzie Stevens in Grey’s Anatomy, said thatshe found Patrick Dempsey very handsome ! And it is not we who are going to contradict it!

Indeed, the famous doctor Derek Shepherd has cracked more than one with its crazy charm! Many fans of the series have noticed it!

And yet, Patrick Dempsey aka the doctor mamour is not completely unanimous. Ellen Pompeo had indeed revealed to have been disappointed with the actor.

She even added that she found him selfish! Shock, who imagined that on the handsome doctor?

Fortunately, the actor does not know how to behave like this with everyone! Katherine Heigl confirms it to us.

Katherine Heigl: her tender confidences on Patrick Dempsey

Indeed, it turns out that Katherine Heigl and Patrick Demsey had a very good reports during the filming of Grey’s Anatomy. And it looks like he caught her eye!

Without surprise … How can you resist its more than legendary charm?

Did the actress fall under the spell of Doctor Mamour? His charming confidences are the proof!

Indeed, she told us in all honesty what she found more seductive at Patrick Dempsey.

Katherine Heigl had indeed complimented Patrick during an interview for Cosmopolitan magazine in 2006: “He exudes charm. If he had one cute flaw, it would be that he can be a little cranky in the morning. But he’s still sorry afterwards. But really, he’s just funny. Her sex appeal comes from her humor and her innate charm “.

Adorable ! You can not find ?

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