Anthony Colette is very discreet when it comes to his love life. As a couple, the young man has always refused to reveal the identity of his new sweetheart … But he has just posted a photo that says a lot!

Anthony Colette is a man in love. Separated from Iris Mittenaere, the hunk of Dancing with the stars has found love again. Indeed, the famous dancer confided, last December, that he was no longer a heart to take.

Anthony Colette as a couple

It was at the microphone of Less and The City that he released this little confidence:

She’s not known, she’s a girl I’ve known since I started the show and we met several times.

Obviously very enamored, he even specified:

We get along very, very, very well. There are a lot of things that I like about her. It is limit me who am the most donf!

A cliché that intrigues …

Unfortunately for the little curious that we are, the young man did not specify more. Who is the one who knew how to delight his heart ? The secret is well kept. Indeed, when it comes to his private life, Anthony Colette prefers play the discretion card. Thus, until now, he has never displayed himself on the arm of his dear and tender … thus fueling the wildest rumors about the identity of the chosen one of his heart.

But the handsome brunette recently surprised his subscribers on Instagram. And for good reason: the dancer posted a snapshot on which we can see him hug a beautiful brunette.

In caption, he said:

Legend has it that since that day… Well, she breathes more 🤷‍♂️❤️


Who is this young lady whose face is not revealed? This is the question asked by its subscribers. But it is clear that some have already their little idea as to the answer. Indeed, many are those who think that the young lady in question is none other than his new darling !

Thus, we can read among the comments:

His lover, but as Anthony is always remaining discreet about his identity we can only assume, but the photo is rather eloquent.

A beautiful love story: heart: always starts with a legend, we knew you knew the 2 user manuals @anthony_colette

Legend has it that since that day … you are the happiest 😊💖

If that’s not love. …. I love !


And when an Internet user asks him, “Who is the victim? », Anthony Colette is happy to answer:

It is the girl that I hold tight in the photo 😘

Don’t count on Anthony Colette to say more.

Anthony Colette, a discreet boy

The young man knows how to do proof of discretion. A time in a relationship with Iris Mittenaere, his partner in Dance with the stars, Anthony Colette has always taken care never to answer to rumors about their relationship. It was not until their love story was over that he vaguely mentioned this romance.

Anthony Colette as a couple: Has he just introduced his new darling?

Thus, it is in the columns of the magazine Ici Paris that he mentioned, in September 2019, the causes of their rupture :

It didn’t last because each has life goals that may not be compatible with the other’s. It ended not too long ago, but we stayed on good terms, that’s life.

At the time, the young man specified that he was single… A love situation that has since changed!