Daniel Ricciardo will be the substitute for Carlos Sainz in Mclaren in 2021 and its seat in Renault will be occupied by Fernando Alonso. Curiously, Ricciardo ruled out relieving the Asturian at McLaren in 2019. Why has he now agreed to sign for the British team? Has Alonso been wrong signing for Renault? And Carlos Sainz Changing Mclaren by Ferrari?

As recognized by the own Daniel Ricciardo in January 2019, if he did not sign for McLaren it was because of his performance: “They admitted that they are not yet in a position to be competitive and it was perhaps somewhat optimistic to go there at that time, so I eliminated them.  » « Then with Renault we were talking a bit and suddenly something clicked and I said to myself ‘okay, It is a manufacturer, the progress they have made is good, it’s been two years and it’s a solid deal. ‘. I thought it could work ”, he added, explaining his arrival at the French team.

Two years later, it will leave it to finally land at Mclaren, something that Ricciardo has also explained. “Mercedes won the championship again, but probably for most it was pretty clear that McLaren was the team that experienced the biggest breakthrough of all. That was obviously encouraging for them, and it’s really all you can build on. And then there are the changes for the future. So I suppose they are excited, « he added, hinting that in 2021 McLaren will have a Mercedes engine.

Pushing out his chest for the evolution of his car Zak Brown has pointed out in the In the Fast Lane podcast: “A couple of years ago we were coming off a horrible season, one of the worst in McLaren history. and really all I could do in that moment was a promise to Daniel about my intentions. I said ‘you know it’s just words; but I’m going to get a great team manager, I’m going to get a great manager. We will get the resources we need‘ ». « After a year, he could see that I did what I promised and the results came back« Concluded the McLaren CEO.

Ricciardo will leave a winning Renault to Alonso

Shortly after his signing for Mclaren, the Australian rider has found a configuration that allows the RS20 to be faster, something from which he will benefit Fernando Alonso. “This is something we definitely learned from the first weekend at Silverstone. We get something out of the settings, like a sweet spot, we feel like we’ve found it. In particular I found it in terms of the feeling with the car; it was like: « Yes, this is what we need to make the car work! »”Ricciardo said in the Australian Australian magazine Auto Action.

« I’m not sure we had something like this last year. This has been encouraging. A ‘set-up’ in the car that works better is giving the car much more grip, ”added the Australian after setting the fastest lap at the Spa Grand Prix, something that Renault hadn’t succeeded in the last decade.

On whether Fernando Alonso has succeeded in signing for the French team, Damon Hill commented: “I love the idea that, finally, maybe Fernando Alonso has chosen to go to a team at the right time”.

Sainz will have to be patient

More doubts generate knowing if Carlos Sainz he was wrong changing McLaren for Ferrari. In the short term it seems so, so from Maranello they publicly ask for a change in the regulations to be able to win again. « I hope that with a little more flexibility in the rules next year we can at least take a step forward from where we are, » declared Louis Camilleri in Motorsport.

More optimistic was the CEO of Ferrari Looking ahead to 2022, the date on which a regulation change is planned to reduce the current differences between the teams. « We will see in 2022 with the new rules, if a new cycle begins. That’s our hope”.

Carlos Sainz, for his part, he warned days ago: “Ferrari needs a very big step forward in the engine”. « I know how hard it is because it took Renault a few years and Honda a long time too, but the fact that Renault is almost there, close to Mercedes, shows that it can be done.. Hopefully when I arrive, they have improved a bit and then together we can take the next step ”, he added.

« Ferrari has many resources, several test benches, so I’m sure they are all working very hard to get the power they have lost from one year to the next.. It’s a long road ”, highlighted the Madrilenian.