By Sebastian Quiroz
05/21/2020 4:00 pm

Bayonetta 3 It was revealed during The Game Awards in 2017, however, since that day, neither Nintendo nor PlatinumGames have revealed more information about this project, apart from a couple of messages from the companies involved. The silence of the game has begun to worry fans, and many wonder if this installment has been canceled. To clarify all doubts, Hideki Kamiya has issued a statement.

During an interview with VGC, Kamiya has not only reaffirmed that Bayonetta 3 is not canceled and will be coming to Nintendo Switch eventuallyInstead, he asks fans to “take any concerns you have in that way and throw it out the window right away.”

This is what he commented:

“I’m on Twitter, so I see a lot of comments every day. I am happy that there is still anticipation for the title, but one thing I would like to address is the trend I am seeing, which is the people who are starting to ask if the game has been canceled. I want you to take any concerns that you have that way and throw it out the window right away because we are still working hard and it has not been canceled in any way. Please look forward to it! ”

2020 is a very important year for PlatinumGames, the company is working on several projects and they have created a new studio. At the moment it is unknown when Bayonetta 3 will arrive on Nintendo Switch., but considering the heavy workload of the studio, we will likely see more on this title until 2021, hopefully and this year we will have a trailer.

Via: VGC

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