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The case of Harvey Weinstein continues its course after being sentenced in March 2020 to 23 years in prison in New York for sexual assault, today he was extradited from a prison in the Big Apple to California but what will happen now with the producer of movie theater?

Harvey Weinstein Sexual Abuse Charges

A statement from the New York Department of Corrections reported his transfer to California, where the former producer is charged with 11 counts of rape and sexual assault.

“This morning the custody of Harvey Weinstein was transferred to the appropriate officials to be transported to the state of California, as dictated by a court order.”

According to local media, the founder of Miramax left the Wende New York prison, located in the north of the state, in a wheelchair.

Weinstein will now face charges of five women for similar crimes that occurred in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills between 2004 and 2013.

On this occasion, the 11 California charges could result in a life sentence for the tycoon, who has always maintained his innocence.

Weinstein wanted to avoid his extradition

The former film producer’s lawyers had tried to avoid his extradition for months by ensuring that they had problems with his documentation and using the issue of the pandemic, which ended in the contagion of Weinstein, who tested positive for Covid-19.

After confirming his diagnosis, he was placed in solitary confinement at the Wende Correctional Facility in Erie County.

At the time, officials familiar with the case indicated that the tycoon had been infected with the virus when he entered the state prison system.

Later, one of his lawyers, Norman Effman, argued last month that in addition to the aftermath of his infection, Weinstein had other health problems that would not be able to be adequately treated if he was extradited to Los Angeles, however, the judge he ended up rejecting the request.

Condemnation of Weinstein, triumph for the #MeToo movement

Weinstein’s sentence in New York to 23 years in prison was considered a victory for the #MeToo movement, after the former producer was considered one of the most powerful figures in Hollywood for decades.

It should be remembered that this movement grew in parallel to the millionaire scandal with more than 80 women accusing him of inappropriate sexual behavior.

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The sentence in NY includes 20 years in jail for a first-degree criminal sexual act against production assistant Mimi Haley in 2006 and another three for the third-degree rape of aspiring actress Jessica Mann in 2013.

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