Harry Styles’ cover receives criticism from the trans community

Harry Styles' cover receives criticism from the trans community (AP)

Harry Styles cover receives criticism from the trans community | AP

The now recognized former member of one direction Harry Styles is one of the first artists to star on the cover of Vogue magazine for the December issue, however, the great feat of the British singer has already unleashed some reactions.

Even though Harry Styles, one of the most revealing male artists of the moment received a number of supports, on the other hand he was also the target of some accusations, on this occasion, it was some supporters of the trans community who raised their voices, subtracting some merit from the representative’s initiative of millennial rock.

He was one of the users on Instagram, Alok Vaid-Menon, a performance artist who came out against the publication and wrote through his account.

Am I happy to see Harry get applauded for openly disobeying fashion gender norms? Yes. Do trans women of color receive praise for doing the same thing every day? Did not write.

“They still reject us for being ‘too excessive,” he continued, though

“We can recognize this unprecedented moment and at the same time remember that it could only happen due to resistance from trans women of color,” she recalled, adding that “trans women of color were pioneers and continue to face negative reactions. Our aesthetic reaches the mainstream, but not into our bodies. We are still rejected for being ‘too excessive’ or ‘too queer’ because we are not acceptable enough for whites and heteronormativity. Is it Harry’s fault? No. It’s the systems fault of transmisogyny and racism, “wrote the user in an extensive publication that accompanied the image of the musical revelation.

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At the same time, many users on Twitter highlighted the role of trans women today, which generated some comments regarding this dilemma.

Yes, Harry Styles is very cute in a dress, but let’s not forget that trans and non-binary black people have been doing the same thing for decades, “recalled another member of the social network.

How about we support trans women and non-binary people in the same way that we support Harry Styles? “Proposed a netizen.

It’s funny how everyone goes crazy over Harry Styles wearing a dress. Where is that energy when it comes to supporting and protecting trans people? I forgot, cis white men, that obviously matters more, “lamented one tweeter.

The multifaceted music star, Harry Styles, who has managed to take off a meteoric career after having left behind an important mark in the devastating British boy band, The One Direction, is climbing the peak of success by leaps and bounds and to prove it is that despite what could be considered a short career at 26 years old, he has achieved what for many at his age they are far from achieving.

Musically, his most recent hit “Watermelon Sugar” has risen to the top charts, becoming one of the most listened to of the year.

He has also explored his creativity in other fields such as cinema, in one of his most recent appearances in Christopher Nolan’s “Dunkerque” and now the new biography about his life which he intends to bring to the cinema “Don´t Worry Darling”.

In the same way, Harry Styles has also become a revelation, has been the world of fashion particularly since Gucci chose him as the image of the firm.

And another aspect that touches the loyal fans of the “Adore You” interpreter are his great contributions to philanthropy, in 2018 alone, the singer raised $ 1.2 million for charities, this after the first tour with 89 concerts with a sold out, according to Live Natión informed Variety.