Harry Potter is back! HBO Max prepares a new series

Harry Potter is back!  HBO Max prepares a new series (Instagram)

Harry Potter is back! HBO Max prepares a new series | Instagram

The famous television network HBO Max is preparing a new series of the character created by JK Rowling, Harry Potter, news that has quite surprised the millions of fans of the iconic character.

The Hollywood Reporter has exclusively announced that the streaming platform of Warner He is currently speaking with several writers to bring back his most valuable brand.

That’s right, good news for the Potterheads, it seems that Warner is holding meetings with several writers to find the best way to recover the popular character created by JK Rowling, protagonist of one of the most popular literary and cinematographic sagas in history.

The legendary Hollywood studio, owner of the rights to exploit the lucrative magical universe since the premiere of Harry Potter and the philosopher’s stone in 2001, wants to use the brand to consolidate the launch of HBO Max, its streaming platform.

The leak of the search for creatives responsible for the return of the young wizard’s adventures is good news for its millions of followers, however, the project is still in an early phase.

Well, no actor, screenwriter or director is yet linked to this long-awaited continuation and in fact, both HBO Max and Warner Bros. have officially insisted through a statement to The Hollywood Reporter that there is no ongoing project within the studio or the cinema platform.

It should be remembered that the eight films that made up the first film adaptation of the magical universe created by JK Rowling generated more than 7 billion dollars worldwide, a figure that would justify the return of the character.

Furthermore, the disappointing commercial and critical outcome of the Fantastic Beasts sequel and where to find them is one more reason to go back to the story that started it all more than 25 years ago.

On the other hand, it must be taken into account that the writer’s lawyers negotiated an advantageous agreement between Rowling and Warner.

The writer has a tight control of the saga, both on paper and on screen, and has the last word in any decision that has to do with the world she built.

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In 2016, both parties re-signed a millionaire agreement that guaranteed Warner the rights to display on television and streaming of all the films of Harry Potter and Fantastic Animals.

So while we wait for the young wizard series to come true, the premiere of the television version of The Lord of the Rings could come this year from the hand of the Spanish JA Bayona, executive producer and director of the first two episodes of the series .

A rather curious fact is that the first two film chapters of both franchises hit theaters around the world on Christmas 2001.

The good news is that the next time we see a character created by Rowling on a screen it will be with the third Fantastic Animals film and where to find them, which is still in full swing after the media dismissal of actor Johnny Depp for his legal conflicts with his ex-partner, Amber Heard.

No doubt Depp He is going through the worst moment of his extensive cinematographic career after a 2020 in which he suffered more than he could enjoy, since everything fell apart for him since he lost the defamation trial against the newspaper The Sun, in the that made reference in one of its pages about his conflict situation with his ex-wife, Amber Heard.

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