Harry Potter, be like him and study this quarantine at Hogwarts

Do you want to be like Harry Potter ?, this is a huge opportunity because Hogwarts opens its doors … digital for you to study with them in this quarantine.

Hogwarts is Here is the online site that teaches its students the History of Magic and there are even courses on Potions, Herbologies, Dark Arts, Astronomy, Charms and more, just like the famous magician.

Admission to the famous school is available both on cell phones and on PC, but not only will there be courses, you will also have homework and exercises online that will allow you to reach the level of “magician” and be a Harry Potter Hermione Granger.

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On the site you can find role-playing games, forums, and you can even enter the virtual library with the collection of Hogwarts Entertainment magazines.

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To enter a course you only need to register with an email, fill out a form and select the house you want to be part of.

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Recently actor Daniel Radcliffe, who gave life to the famous actor, ruled out the possibility that he would wear the cape again.

I don’t like saying no to things, but it’s not something I’m looking forward to. I feel like those movies have turned the page and are fine without us. I am happy with things as they are. I like how my life is now, the actor told Variety.