Mexico.- Who would have thought that a blind date would turn British royalty upside down? This was the case in the summer of 2016, when the prince Harry and Meghan Markle They met and practically simultaneously fell in love. Today, two years after saying ‘yes, I want’, we remember his intense fairy tale.

From the beginning, the relationship seemed to have no wind in its favor: from the outset, the former protagonist of the series “Suits” lived in Toronto and the grandson of Queen Elizabeth II, in London; that is, they were separated by a flight of about seven hours. But the crush was forceful enough to knock down that barrier.

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The next big hurdle, more to the public eye than to themselves, was Meghan’s past: in 2011, she married producer Trevor Engleson in Jamaica, whom he divorced two years later. So, the American actress did not suspect that, six years later (in March 2017), she would return to that Caribbean country in the company of a new love.

Precisely, the trip of Harry and Meghan to Montego Bay, to witness the wedding of one of his friends, was one of the few moments when they were seen in their role as boyfriends. For that event, the press had already tied up dots. Hence, the British crown had to publish a statement, in November 2016, confirming the relationship and asking for respect for the prince’s beleaguered girlfriend.

The challenges they faced

Spending the holidays together, meeting their respective families, their affinity for philanthropic projects and sharing some trips, especially to the African continent, Meghan from Sussex and Harry from Sussex strengthened their bond in such a way that, a year after that announcement Officially, the British Royal House certified their engagement.

At that point, the tabloids and people in general saw in Meghan Markle a sympathetic woman who would bring freshness to the crown and who was perfect to ratify a new Harry away from the scandals of his youth. This outweighed his nationality, his previous nuptials, and the controversial deal with his father, Thomas Markle.

Not for nothing, millions of people were waiting for the link in the St. George’s chapel and thousands more went to the scene to acclaim the new Dukes of Sussex on the afternoon of May 19, 2018. After so many tests, and even gaining the approval of Elizabeth II and forming a close friendship with the Dukes of Cambridge (William and Kate), the lovers became husband and wife.

Meghan’s acceptance was falling

However, the idyll was short-lived. Within months of reaching the altar, another gale of challenges for the brand-new marriage was unleashed. Rumors of estrangement began among Charles of Wales’ children and Meghan’s popularity faded, singled out as the culprit for the lawsuits among the brothers.

They were questioned about expenses, eccentricities (such as modifying the design of their engagement ring), constant rotations among their staff, and decisions about the life of Archie, his first-born; for example, not giving him a real title or baptizing him “behind closed doors.”

Aside from these scandals, which led to the resignation of Harry and Meghan to their royal duties, and a double move – from England to Canada and from there to the United States – the couple tries to return to the time when Her romance was synonymous with discretion and, despite her quarantine, she is looking for a home of her own in Los Angeles, where she intends to resume her career and fully enjoy her family.