Harrison Ford suffers injury while filming ‘Indiana Jones 5’

Harrison Ford.

Photo: Frederick M. Brown / .

Harrison ford, 78, has suffered a major shoulder injury during the filming of the fifth installment of the legendary saga ‘Indiana Jones’, specifically while executing a complex choreography linked to one of the hand-to-hand fights that will appear in the long-awaited film Adventure, produced by the multinational Disney.

In fact, it has been the company itself that has directly reported the mishap suffered by the incombustible interpreter, who logically will lead to a period of rest and rehabilitation for the Hollywood star that, however, will not imply the suspension of the recording process, which takes place at Pinewood Studios in the county of Buckinghamshire, about 30 kilometers from London.

During rehearsals for a choreographed fight scene, Harrison Ford sustained a shoulder injury. Production will continue while the extent of the injury is assessed and the corresponding type of treatment is determined. The filming schedule will be duly reconfigured for the next few weeks ”, reads the note issued by the firm, which acquired the rights to all Lucasfilm franchises, including ‘Star Wars’, in 2012.

In the months leading up to the recording in England, Harrison Ford had to submit to a strict diet and sports regime in which, among other dynamics, stood out daily walks and cycling sessions of more than 60 kilometers. Unfortunately, the good physical shape of the veteran artist has not managed to prevent bad luck from taking over now.

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