‘Harley Quinn’ started season three filming

The series is expected to be finished by the end of 2021. Photo: Warner Bros. Television Distribution | Warner Bros. Television Distribution

DCFandome’s performance last September confirmed to fans of “Harley quinn« That the animated series would take a leap thanks to the renewal of DC Universe, which will now be focused on the distribution of digital comics and virtual events. Now production will be part of HBO Max thanks to the intervention of WarnerMedia, preparing to premiere its third season.

Although there have not been too many updates on the matter since then, Patrick Schumacker, one of the showrunners of the series, has announced through his official Twitter account that they have already started with the voice recordings for the new episodes.

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“Today we begin the recording of the third season of ‘Harley quinn‘. Diedrich Bader came back as Batman. Jim rash come back like Riddler Y Chris meloni came back like him Commissioner Gordon. We’re back! Huge thanks to HBO Max to renew. They have been phenomenal partners this year, « said the creative.

The announcement about the renewal of the series turned out to be a great relief for its fans, since, after the premiere of the second season in 2020, there was a period of great uncertainty, since neither the creators nor the producers could confirm whether the series would return. The possibility of making a film would even be planned if it was not renewed.

“When we were waiting for a renewal for the third season, we were brainstorming with the executives of Warner Bros. Animation about that kind of thing (a movie) ”, he would comment Schumacker in a conversation with Deadline last year.

“We were thinking, ‘Well, we have stories to tell with these characters. We want to continue with it and if season 3 cannot happen, maybe we can make something on film, which is something independent to be chosen by a network or not ‘, so it is something that has been in our minds, « he concluded.

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Although at the moment the series does not have an estimated release date and there is no confirmation about the timeline in the new episodes, Schumacker remains optimistic to have satisfactory results by the end of 2021.