The NBA he’s getting closer to getting the season to resume. Suspended since last March 12, the directors of the competition expect it to be held again by mid-June at the earliest. However, there are some players who claim to be able to wait long enough, at least until it is 100% safe for their health.

One of these players is James Harden. The star of Houston rockets He recently made statements for Jabari Young, an NBC journalist, in which he reaffirmed himself on this idea: “I am ready to return, I feel in great shape. However, I wish it could be in safe conditions for everyone” .

“As soon as the competition can resume I will be ready to play and give my all for the team. I feel like most players think the same as me. We would feel much more comfortable playing when the pandemic had been minimized for this moment”.

Virtually every NBA player has complete confidence in the decision-making of Adam Silver, the league’s commissioner. In principle, the remainder of the season will be held at the Disney World complex in Orlando, where all teams will be housed in hotels controlled to the maximum extent for the safety of all.

There are still many measures to implement to ensure the health of both the players and the coaches and technical staff of the franchises. What is clear is that playing with the public right now is not a possibility.