Harada would like to make a new Pokkén, but recognizes that it does not depend on him

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Pokkén Tournament was one of those games that fulfilled the wish of many fans: to be able to fight Pokémon outside of the turn-based battle system. Surely there are many who would like to see this series return and one of them is its producer, the legendary Katsuhiro Harada.

Through social media, a fan asked Harada if he would consider making a sequel to Pokkén Tournament or if it was a one-time thing for him. Given this, the producer showed his intention to work with Pokémon again, so hope is still alive in that sense.

What may not like hearing from many is that Harada’s intention does not mean much right now. What we are going to is that the decision to make a new installment of Pokkén Tournament depends on Nintendo and The Pokémon Company. This is something that Harada understands very well and made it clear to his followers.

“We have a great relationship with Nintendo and The Pokémon Company and Pokkén had a great response, so I would like to do it again. But it is not something that I decide, that depends on them ”, he explained.

What these statements let us see is that, if Nintendo decides that a Pokkén sequel is viable, then Harada is on track to work on it. For now, we can only wait and see if it is a project that The Pokémon Company would like to see come true.

How viable is a sequel to Pokkén Tournament?

Given this, the question comes to us, how viable is a sequel to Pokkén Tournament? We do not dare to say that it is something that seems imminent, but we do not see it impossible either.

The thing is, Pokkén Tournament received mixed reviews and seems to have been well accepted by players. On the other hand, we know that its DX version for Nintendo Switch sold more than a million copies in its first 6 months on the market.

What we’re getting at with this is that Pokkén Tournament can be considered a game that did well, but it’s also far from a commercial sensation that warrants a sequel. We’ll see what Nintendo’s plans are for this fight spin-off.

Would you like a sequel to this fighting game? Do you think it will come true? Tell us in the comments.

Pokkén Tournament arrived in mid-2015 as a Wii U release after being available on Japanese arcades for some time. A couple of years later its port for Nintendo Switch was developed, which was titled Pokkén Tournament DX.

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