Happy Birthday to Martín Vargas !!

Today we want to congratulate and send a warm hug to our dear, Martín Vargas Morales !! We tell you all the details here in Music News!

The reality is that here at Music News, we present you the best premieres, the best songs, the best video clips, the best online festivals, of course because we want to continue taking care of you in this pandemic, but famous birthdays cannot be missed! We present you the birthday of Martín Vargas Morales.

We all know Martín Vargas Morales, better known as Martín Vargas, for being a member and vocalist of the famous and well-known band called “MORAT”. How many of his songs do you have on your playlist?

Morat songs like “When Nobody Sees”, “Idiot”, “Where are we going?”, “Learn to love yourself”, “About love and its effects”, “Lost bullets”.

Marín Vargas is a singer and drummer of the pop group Morat, and in fact, before Martín became famous, his story is the following, it turns out that he replaced Alejandro Posada as a member of Morat, he is part of the band along with his brother Simón Vargas, and currently he is dating Laura Jiménez Bonilla.

And you tell us, what song is your favorite from Morat? It is a bit difficult to decide between their material because they are all very good, and they fill us with feeling, so we can assure you something, with Morat, if you are going to cry, you are going to cry for sure, we bet you, and if you needed to fall in love, their songs will do it immediately!

We wish Martín Vargas a happy birthday, and we wish him more success, because we are sure that it will continue! Happy birthday Martín Vargas !!!!

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