Happy birthday to Joe Elliot !!

Today we want to celebrate another happy birthday boy, you know that here at Music News we give you the best musical trends, premieres, fashion, gossip, and of course we tell you about the birthdays of your favorite artists, Joe Elliot is one of them ! We tell you everything in great detail here at Music News!

It turns out that on a day like yesterday, like yesterday, (JEJE), August 1st but 1959, Joseph Thomas Elliot was born, better known in the music industry as “Joe” Elliot Jr, who is a talented and well-recognized singer, musician And English songwriter, who was originally the lead singer of the British Hard Rock band Def Leppard, we all know this band and of course the wonderful songs they have left us.

At the age of 62, this talented vocalist and composer has come far and has given us endless musical satisfactions that to date we dedicate, cry or simply fall in love with someone or ourselves.

Joe Elliot came to work on different projects in his career that came to include celebrities such as Freddy Mercury, Alice Cooper, Mick Ronson, Ian Hunter, among many others.

Joe Elliot currently lives in Dublin, Ireland with his wife Kristine, he runs at this time in his life a recording studio called Joe`s Garage, and in fact this studio is considered one of the best and busiest in the country!

He also has an online station called You need more? We are delighted !!

Happy to celebrate this celebrity who has done nothing but make a mark in the world! Happy Birthday Joe Elliot!

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