Happy birthday El Dasa! – Music News

Today we continue with more birthdays, because people are born every day and of course celebrities are no exception, we want to share the birthday of the talented “El Dasa”. Ready? We tell you all the details and of course some curiosities here in Music News!

The reality is that on a day like today, July 27, but in the year 1989, a talented artist was born, we refer to Dasahev López Saavedra, better known in the artistic world as El Dasa, that’s what this talented Mexican singer calls himself!

El Dasa is originally from Hermosillo Sonora, hence his incredible authenticity, and in fact he has already been nominated for two Latin Grammy Awards. How’s it going!? In Mexico we have pure quality and today we celebrate his birthday.

If you did the math correctly, El Dasa is celebrating its birthday today, July 27 but in 2021, nothing more and nothing less than 32 years! He has premiered songs like, “I saw myself”, “My friend, lover, love”, “Liar” and something we are going to tell you, his songs seriously inspire, and if they don’t inspire you, then they will make you cry like If you were in hell but without reaction I assure you that you will not stay. His songs, besides being talented, are really powerful.

Now some curiosities of “EL DASA”, well, this gentleman from Sonora, he likes to cook, he is a fan of watermelon, he likes animated films too much, in fact he has confessed in several interviews that his great dream is to be able to be and interpret the voice of a cartoon from a famous movie.

Not only that, he has confessed to wearing cheap pants because he says they are more comfortable, (Dasa and I have that in common), and he likes to sleep naturally, that is, naked! (Dasa and I still have so many things in common) !!

Happy birthday to this talented gentleman! Keep up the successes!

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