Hans Zimmer now composes ringtones for mobiles

That winning an Oscar and being nominated nine more times does not prevent you from diversifying your career beyond cinema, see Hans Zimmer. After composing the anthem of the North American soccer league Major League Soccer and versioning Netflix’s “ta-dum” to make it more cinematic, the composer of soundtracks as mythical as ‘The Lion King’, ‘Gladiator’ or ‘Interstellar’ now it collaborates with Oppo, the Chinese mobile phone manufacturer, making its new ringtones.

In this way, the Find X3 Pro terminal offers two melodies created by Zimmer and “an orchestra of system sounds”, according to an announcement from the company, which also ensures that the intention was that “Zimmer’s simple yet epic notes inspire optimism and joy with every notification.” The song from which both tones have been extracted is titled ‘Colorful Future’ and is described by Variety as “a magical and mystical sound full of chimes and soft choral sounds that gently builds an orchestral crescendo to end in calm.” You can listen to it below:

Your voice in color

Oppo has published a series of promotional videos that include statements by the composer in which he assures that he “hears colors” and that he wanted “the ringtone to open a door that says that there is the possibility of feeling something. Our whole world changed to cause of the pandemic, and in a very fundamental way the idea of ​​physical contact has disappeared. ” Zimmer has 3 major films pending release in which he has collaborated: ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ (July 16), ‘Dune’ (September 15) and ‘No Time to Die’ (October 1), but it is seen that it was not enough and it seems that he needed to conquer mobile telephony as well: “I felt that somehow it was my duty as a musician to discover how to replace a bit of that spirit that goes from one heart to the other. The only way in which you can make music is connecting notes, and those notes connect with musicians, and musicians connect with an audience, and suddenly you have a form of communication that you’ve never had before. That is exactly what phones are doing these days. They connect us. “