Hannibal, the series starring Mads Mikkelsen as the well-known psychiatrist, could return to Netflix with a fourth season after its cancellation in 2015.

Good news for fans of one of the best crime series of recent years, as Hannibal could return with a fourth season on Netflix after its cancellation in 2015.

This is how he himself hinted Mads Mikkelsen in a mysterious Instagram post to announce that Bryan Fuller’s series will be available on Netflix next June, at least in the United States. In the publication, the actor appears with a mask of his character and next to the photo he has written: “Hannibal comes to Netflix in June: does that mean season 4 is coming?”, In addition to including a link to one of the news that talks about this possibility.

The truth is that there is a good chance that this will happen because since its cancellation in 2015, there have been continuous hints about a return of all those involved, including his showrunner, Bryan Fuller, who in 2019 answered this way to a fan who asked him about the possibilities. real one Hannibal season 4.

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“No one has given up! I have made it clear many times that I want to, and Martha [De Laurentiis, la productora ejecutiva] also wants. We just need a streaming service that wants to do it too. I don’t feel like there is a watch or a stopwatch to end the idea. We just need someone to hook the hook, “said its creator.

For Netflix it is not an unknown world that of rescuing series, it already did it with Lucifer, which is still pending its sixth season, and Arrested Development. Would you like Hannibal to come back too?