Handshake emoji to include skin tones in 2022

There will be up to 25 possible combinations with different skin tones for both hands

The new ’emojis’ should have come out with the 2021 update, but have been delayed by the pandemic

As of 2022, WhatsApp handshake emojis will show the world’s racial diversity, including various skin tones. The popular symbols, developed by the Unicode consortium, already included these variations in most of their symbols depicting people or parts of the human anatomy.

Other hand gestures such as a ‘high five’, the closed fist or the cut of sleeves could already be shared in different tones, from very pale to very dark, apart from the traditional yellow color of the ’emoji’.

The new version of the symbol will include 25 different combinations, taking into account the skin colors of the two hands shown, as reported by Google through a statement. Coding everything has taken time, since it can take up to two years to program a new ’emoji’.

Jennifer Daniel, the artistic director of ’emoji’

The person responsible for the arrival of these new ’emoji’ designs is Jennifer Daniel, former Google developer and member of the Unicode consortium, which presented the project in 2019. Originally, Daniel’s proposal was to reach devices through the Unicode 14.0 standard in 2021, but Due to the flaws of the Covid pandemic, this has finally been delayed until 2022.

“It is easy to identify ‘quick fixes’, but I try to stop and ask what fair representation really is like and when is it simply performative,” Daniel said in a statement.

“Every time we add a new emoji, there is a risk that it may exclude people without our conscious knowledge. The best we can do is make sure that the emoji remain as wide, flexible and fluid as possible. Like language. Like you “, added the creator.