Hands up! Livia Brito raises charms to the sky

Hands up! Livia Brito raises charms to heaven | Instagram

More beautiful than ever, Livia Brito has proven to be one of the women who, showing or not her charms, conquers more than one and her 6.1 million followers in Instagram they are the proof of it.

Although Livia Brito has made it clear that she is a woman who can become even a danger when her image is at risk, many cannot avoid falling “surrendered” to all their charm. Especially if her beautiful legs frame some of her postcards.

In the midst of the recent 36th anniversary of Livia brito, the protagonist of “The soulless“, appears in one of the photographs shared by some pages on Instagram, the interpreter of” Fernanda Linares “appears with her arms raised to the sky in a pose that seems to reach the clouds.

Undoubtedly the image is not very far from its current reality, it cannot be denied that today Livia Brito Pestana is enjoying one of her best professional moments, in addition to the fact that the one born on July 21, 1986 recently celebrated her 36th anniversary.

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The native of Havana, Cuba who stars in one of the most recent melodramas that would hit the small screen on July 5, would be as happy as in the photograph that was shared several weeks ago.

On this occasion, Livia Brito, rather than flaunt her attractiveness, shared a moment with the fans, the one in which she seems to have found a balance.

Brito Pestana, who apparently was exploring, posed on top of an old construction with his arms raised to the sky.

With a very casual outfit of mini shorts, a colorful blouse tied around the waist and white tennis shoes, the “youtuber“She directed a glance at the camera although the native of Havana, Cuba protected her gaze with glasses.

Undoubtedly, the one who will make her acting debut in 2010 in “Triumph of Love” is today considered a winner who managed to cross the obstacles she faced in recent months when her career seemed to collapse without a return to the screen.

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It should be said that for many people in the public, Livia’s attitude still leaves much to be desired and they have shown their disagreement about the new opportunity that has been given to her to resume her career.

Meanwhile, the “model” is enjoying the success of the novel in which she participates under the production of José Alberto “El Güero” Castro, which is also made up of a great cast and the return of other actresses such as Marlene Favela and Marjorie de Souza.

The presenter of “Dancing for a dream” and remembered mostly for her latest appearances such as “La Piloto” and “Médicos: Línea de vida”, now gives life to a woman with good feelings, although the injustices of life prevent her from being happy in seeking to settle accounts with his enemies.

The melodrama based on the Colombian hit “La Dama de Troya” in which after several years, Livia Brito coincides with José Ron again, after they both starred a few years ago, “Italian girl is coming to get married”.

The native of Guadalajara, who gives life to “Rafael” and with whom it will be very difficult to give free rein to his feelings, because of Eduardo Santamarina, who is also the father of “Rafa”.

Sergio Basáñez, Cecilia Galliano, Raúl Araiza, Kimberly Dos Ramos, Laura Carmine, Alberto Estrella, Verónica Jaspeado, Julio Vallado, Eduardo Santamarina, Francisco Gattorno, Gonzalo García Vivanco, Ana Martín, Azela Robinson; among others, they are some other of the great figures that give life to this plot.

The story takes place in the towns of “Ichamal” and “Moctezuma” places recreated for said scenes, the names do not really exist, however, the places did and inspired this story.

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The real locations are located in the municipality of Zempoala in Hidalgo, where the “Rancho Nuevo Amanecer” appears, other scenes were recorded in “Malinalco in Toluca”.

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