“Hamilton’s theories are very far from reality”

The championship of F1 This year’s is a very close battle between Red Bull and Mercedes, so scrutiny on both cars’ strengths and weaknesses has increased enormously.

Hamilton has fueled the intrigue about what Red Bull is doing this year with several comments related to the team and the car: about its “flexible” rear wing, the early removal of the tire covers and its advances in top speed on the straight. in the last races.

But, Horner who already answered the comments of the boss of Mercedes, Toto Wolff, about a step up with his second engine, he now believes some of Hamilton’s comments have been malicious as well.

After the director of Mercedes clarified that his comments on the engine Honda not intended to suggest a major improvement, Horner focused on Hamilton.

“I listen with interest and sometimes some of the theories that Lewis has are very far from reality,” Horner said.

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“We run with less drag and less wing, and as a result of that, sometimes you tend to go a little bit faster on the straight.”

Wolff replied, however, that Hamilton’s views on the Red Bull RB16B they had to be taken into account because that way you can better judge the overall performance of your car against the Mercedes W12.

“The driver is in the car and he has the feel and he sees the traction and the start, and a difference in the DRS and non-DRS zones,” explained Wolff.

“It is quite clear that the perspective and the feeling that the pilot has is really important, especially that of Lewis, there is no one better than him at that.”

“But what we have to say is that you have to see everything. There are no miracles. They cannot introduce a second power unit that is homologated and goes three tenths faster. It was a low resistance configuration; the car was really very fast , faster than ours in qualifying. It is what it is and we have to solve it. “

Wolff said that Red Bull’s choice of rear wing made at Paul Ricard, when it opted for a low-drag, low-downforce setup, was likely more key to its top speed than engine performance.

“The power unit is homologated; You can only do reliability fixes and somehow bug cleanup, so there shouldn’t be any difference, “said Wolff.

“Red Bull chose to use a very low resistance rear wing or an aerodynamic setup which clearly when you see the top speed differences at Paul Ricard made a huge difference. And now it’s about seeing what happens here, but they were actually very strong. “.

“They had a low wing and were still as competitive as we are in the corners and that shows that the car has downforce. We just have to do our homework and keep improving rather than aiming for nothing from the engine.”

“All this is in the FIA ​​field and it is too early to say something like the engine is more powerful. There are many things that influence.”

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